Tipit Insulated French Press

When it comes to brewing great coffee, the French press is a celebrated tool of choice for many coffee drinkers. Being avid coffee addicts ourselves, we’ve tried many models, and… let’s just say we felt there was room to improve upon the traditional design.

Here at Thinklabs, we’ve found that many French presses can be a real pain to keep clean. Another issue is that the coffee often gets cold quickly because of thin walls and lack of insulation. And when we get caught up in our work, we often forget and let the coffee brew too long, which pretty much negates our investment in good beans! So one day, we did what comes naturally when faced with a flawed product. We proceeded to design our own French press, called the Tipit.

We opted for a durable lexan housing – strong, lightweight, and nearly unbreakable – that could stand the test of time. Then we added a stylish removable silicon sleeve to help keep the coffee warm and your hand cool. Finally, we decided to take the guesswork out of the brewing process by creating a great little mobile app that helps you customize the coffee to your liking and achieve consistent results.

Simply Insulated

Tipit’s design features a silicone sleeve over the lexan beaker to help grip and insulate your coffee, keeping it warmer longer than your typical French press.

Easy to Clean

Every part of the Tipit, including the silicon sleeve, is dishwasher safe. This makes is quick and easy to clean.

Intuitive Brew App

The Tipit comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application that helps you brew the perfect pot every time.

Quick Start

Use preset brew times or create your own!

Create & Save Brew Times

Slide your finger vertically on the screen and brew time increases. Users receive feed back via a color shifting background, so they understand how strong coffee will be with the selected time.



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